Cloud Solution

Cloud Solution by Grivety Global

Cloud and Software as a Services ensure connectivity wherever you. Enterprise are now moving to Cloud services to deliver efficient, reliable and high quality data.
Thermal Performance and Airflow

Identify and fix problem areas with cooling systems and airflow to increase performance and lower energy costs.


Assess electrical and power systems in the Data Center to keep the physical system safe and avoid the risk of outages.

Racks and Cabinets

Check and optimize the use of physical storage spaces to properly manage data server equipment.

Cabling and Pathways

Evaluate the physical layout of cables and pathways to check potential for future scalability.

Telecommunications Grounding and Bonding

Evaluate compliance with various safety standards.

Secure managed cloud
As enterprise expectations and customer demands push the multi-cloud agenda, stay ahead with end-to-end management and security of your cloud from a single provider.


Cloud platforms
Explore the full potential of your corporation by using our cloud enablement solutions that are customised to suit your data as well as IT infrastructure needs.


Cloud Compliance
Our global compliance programs smoothly guide you on all aspects of cloud and data security methods as well as their respective benefits.


Cloud partner
Expand your cloud-based ecosystem in an effective, efficient and secure manner with our industry-leading IZO™ Platform and partnerships that are spread across the globe.


Managed infrastructure services
Our global infrastructure, Data Centres and Managed Services along with our Tier-1 network, help our customers achieve growth efficiently.


Multi-cloud solutions
With enterprises transitioning to a hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure, getting the right deployment model that yields ROI can be a daunting task.