ISP Solutions By Grivety Global

Grivety Global is dedicated to building open, converged,innovative, overall network solutions to help ISPs achieve success in business transformation.Provides passive all-optical network access solutions for enterprises, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and Multiple System Operators (MSOs). Based on PON technology, it enables access by any media.


Caching Solution by Grivety Global

Cable and Telecom networks were not designed to carry such large amounts of video traffic. With open caching, operators have a smart alternative to build the network capacity video-hungry subscribers are demanding, by using intelligence instead of endless router expansions.


A cache solution caches video and app content locally, and delivers it from the true network edge when requested – without requiring any change of behavior or business logic by content providers, CDNs, or subscribers.

Solutions By Grivety Global

  • Corporate Internet Bandwidth Allocation
  • Advance Routing and Bandwidth Management
  • Network Operation Centre Functions
  • Installation and Configuration of Mail Server, VPN Server, Proxy Server, Web Server, etc.
  • Installation and Configuration of Open Source & Hardware Firewall
  • WISP Setup
  • Testing and Performance Tuning
  • Design and Technology Consulting
  • Server Co-Location
  • ISP Trunkey solution
  • FTTH Solutions
  • Switch & Routers
  • OSS/BSS Solution
  • Caching & Peering Solutions
  • Bandwidth Management Solutions
  • ISP Billing Solutions
  • Bandwidth Solutions
  • DDoS Solutions
  • IPS & IDS Solutions
  • Traffic analytic solutions
  • P2P, P2MP Solutions